Can I use Fujinon MK lenses on the RED Komodo?

Due to the small size and weight of the MK zoom lenses – 206mm / 8.1in and 0.98kg / 2lb 1.6oz – they seem to be a perfect match for the RED Komodo, weighing in at roughly the same weight in a rough cube no bigger than 100mm / 4inches on any size.


[We need to discuss this bit still – how do users get hold of an RF Mount version of an MK lens?]

Due to fact that all MK lenses leave the factory installed with a Sony E Mount as standard, you will need to either convert* your MK lens to an RF Mount, or purchase one with the RF Mount already installed.


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Visit your local MK dealer and ask them.


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  • Converting an MK lens to RF is a one-way process only, unlike previous Micro 4/3, FZ or L Mount conversions that could be reverted back to E mount. It will also need to be done at an authorised service centre.

Image coverage

The MK lenses both have a minimum image circle of 28.5mm, and a minimum illumination circle of 29.6mm. When we say minimum, this is usually when stopped down to T22, on the widest focal length, and focussing on infinity. However, in order for us to comfortably say it covers a sensor, the sensor should be smaller than 29.6mm diagonally.

Fujinon MK RED Komodo Image Circle

On the image above, you can see that 6K Open Gate mode on the RED Komodo has a diameter of 30.56mm. This means that in some combinations of focal length, focus position and T-stop, there may vignetting appearing in the corners. However, the MK illumination circle will cover all other modes including 6K 16:9 and 6K WS 2.4:1 in all combinations of lens settings.

5K 16:9 and 4K 16:9 UHD modes are both easily within the Image Circle and Illumination Circles of the MK lenses

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